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Credit Kelson Steele, Cal State Northridge

Portfolium + CSU Entertainment Alliance

Portfolium provides a new way for employers to zoom in on the top "doers" on campus: students with more talent, hands-on experience, and achievements than can fit in a resume. The Entertainment Alliance prepares CSU students to excel at serving the creative and technical needs of California’s multi-billion dollar entertainment industry.

CSU students and alumni are the most diverse talent pool in California. They are ready to join technology and entertainment companies to add value and unique perspectives to their workforce. Portfolium helps showcase their skills in a visually compelling format." - Dr. Dina Ibrahim, CSUEA Executive Director

Portfolium empowers the CSUEA community to find their dream recruits.

CSU Doers in Art & Design

Sammy's Day Out Spread

Jenny YuCal State Long Beach

Used Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop for this illustration spread on the Sammy's Day Out project.

Floating Castle

Nareh GrigoryanCal Poly Pomona

ART 255A Digital Image Design - Adobe Photoshop / Graphic Design / Photo Editing / Imagination.

Art: More than just a "minor"

Miranda EllisCal Poly San Luis Obispo

Although unrelated to my major, I chose to continue pursuing a passion of mine - my creative, artistic, expressive side...


Kelson SteeleCal State Northridge

Notice my focus on outlining in the foreground accompanied with my explosions of color in the back...

Superman on Facebook

Tingzuo LiuCal State Northridge

Digital painting using Adobe Photoshop. #art #cartoon #illustration #photoshop #character.

October 31 Day Challenge

Elizabeth RodriguezCal State Northridge

Drawings I made during October to challenge myself to complete a drawing everyday...

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Meet Elizabeth Rodriguez

Art (Class of 2018) at Cal State Northridge

Elizabeth is currently a California State University Northridge art student planning to graduate in the Spring of 2018. She's showcasing her artwork on Portfolium, proving her skills from drawing and illustration to photoshop, critical thinking and determination.

  • Drawing 92%

  • Illustration 96%

  • Photoshop 85%

  • Sketching 81%








Degrees Awarded/Year

CSU Doers in Computer & Gaming & AR/VR

Autodesk Maya Projects

Kevin OsorioSonoma State University

Various assets created in Autodesk Maya. #3DArt #DreamworksAnimation #illustration

3D Animator

Evelyn HernandezCal State Fullerton

I am a 3D Animation Generalist. My strongest skills are character animation, 3D modeling and texturing.

Shepherd Game

Sharon CheCal Poly San Luis Obispo

Shepherd is a 3D computer graphics game where the player plays as the last remaining member of a Shepherd family .

The Martian

Sagar BhoiteSan Jose State University

This gaming project had been developed in Unity Game development tool as part of our academic project.

Mallory Sleeping

David PerryCal State Northridge

Character animation, 3D modeling and texturing. #Photoshop #computerAnimation #modeling.

Maya Project

Julie ShahCal State Northridge

This is a 3D Model of an Art Nouveau styled building. Entirely modeled in Autodesk Maya and rendered in Mental Ray.

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CSU Doers in Performing Arts

Lighting & Mood

Rachel FarnellCal State Northridge

I created a detailed report on how different colors and lighting techniques affect an audiences mood and attitudes.

Orchesis Dance

Erica CroftCal Poly San Luis Obispo

Performed with the Cal Poly Orchesis Dance Company in 2014. Company consists of 25-30 dancers.

Performing Arts Center

Kevin BriceCal Poly San Luis Obispo

Performed stage technician roles including lighting designer, sound engineer, stage hand...

Stage Managing for The Crucible

Beatriz PereiraCal Poly San Luis Obispo

As a stage manager for the 2016 winter quarter mainstage production of The Crucible...

Costume Coordinator

Baillie PuckettCal State Northridge

Of Mice and Men. Guided hair and makeup crew. Designed costume concepts. #costume #makeup

Performance: Autism Spectrum

Katharine VieleSan Francisco State University

400 groups were put together to write and perform a play. Through collaboration we had to come up with a topic...

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Meet Katherine Riddell

Theatre Arts at Cal State Fullerton

Elizabeth recently graduated from California State University Fullerton with a degree in theatre arts. She's showcasing her work on Portfolium, proving her skills from makeup artistry to sculpting and special effects.

  • Makeup Artistry 92%

  • Sculpting 96%

  • Special Effects 85%

  • Painting 81%

CSU Doers in Marketing & Business

Operations Intern: O2K Worldwide Mgmt Group

Brandon KaufmanCal State Northridge

Interning at O2K Worldwide Management Group, a sports agency specializing in the representation of NHL...

Aliens Vs Predator: Marketing Initiative/Launch

Julien PriceCal State Northridge

This project was a partnership with Sega and Sony PlayStation to promote the Predator and Alien film franchises.

Grey Goose Consumer and Brand Study

Ana LeeSan Diego State University

I conducted a study of the vodka brand Grey Goose along with a group of classmates to realize the company's market position.

Moana DVD Release Campaign

Mai PhamCal State Long Beach

Retail Partnership, Commercial, Digital marketing campaign, Event marketing, Package design

Music Analysis for Westworld

Rebecca ValiceCal State Northridge

Powerpoint presentation of my research in analysis of music choice and placement in the HBO show Westworld...

Interview: Oscar-winner Jonas Rivera

Emily ChavousSan Francisco State University

Twenty years after graduating from SF State and three months after taking home the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature...

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CSU Doers in Sound Design & Radio

Cordelia + Buffalo: Netflix Trailer

Andrew HaagCal State Long Beach

A trailer I edited for Netflix featuring a song from the band Cordelia and the Buffalo...

Hateful Eight Trailer (Sound Recut)

Chris GloverSan Jose State University

Class project where sound for Hateful Eight trailer is remade. I do not own the music...

Shawshank Audio Project

Carlos RiveraCal State LA

This was a project I did for my TVF 320 class. I had to reinsert sounds...

LeMire Studios

Richard SteigerSan Diego State University

I was lead and track engineer at the Blair LeMire studio during the...

Seven Deadly Souls

Noah TramutoCal State Northridge

A short film created by Noah Tramuto. Labeled as "freaks," seven superhumans...

Robot Chicken Season 9

Matt BenedettiCal State Northridge

I worked on VFX for around 40 shots in season 9 of Robot Chicken...

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CSU Doers in Film & TV

Motion Picture Production Course

Tanner JacksonCal State Fullerton

Short scripted scene assigned for my Motion Picture Production course at CSUF in Fall ...

The Wildflower: Final Project

Braeden AyubSan Francisco State

Final project for CINE 310 at SFSU. Directed by Christopher Chandler, Edited by Braeden...

Devolution: Director's Cut

Kyle Van BeekCal State LA

Mt senior thesis. The director's cut took an additional year of on-and-off editing...

Behind the Scenes: Flashdance

Christopher ManskerCal State Long Beach

Go behind the scenes with us as we interview some of the cast and crew...

What Makes a Laker Fan?

Timmy TruongCal State LA

Final video project for Cal State LA course on Laker fans at Saples...

Sunrise Seagull Productions

Thien PhamCal State Long Beach

Company Demo Reel: Your creative partner for pre-production, production, and....

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