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Expert Pick

USCRPL launches Del Grande for the second time in April 2011. It rode a P6110 motor to approximately...

  • 0
  • 25
Expert Pick

Working with a multicultural engineering team, I conceptualized, designed, and provided high-volume...

  • 0
  • 54
Expert Pick

This is an app can help you find nearby restrooms in UCSD campus.

  • 0
  • 190
Expert Pick

- Came up with the idea for an easily producible sunflower seed holder and spit cup - Pitched the idea...

  • 0
  • 88
Expert Pick

Size: 61.5cm*86.5cm August 2011 Colored pencil drawing

  • 0
  • 277
Expert Pick

QSmartFashion - Qualcomm Ideaquest 2015 Winner. Fashionable accessories for the smart, and fashion-conscious...

  • 0
  • 605
Expert Pick

SJSU Rocket Club I became involved with rockets my junior year in 2014, when a fellow SJSU AE senior...

  • 0
  • 571
Expert Pick

#atthack - Dress Me Up mobile application is designed and developed by a group of 4 including myself...

  • 0
  • 244
Expert Pick

For this project, my partner, Staci Saruwatari, and I took the micro-controller of the RC car and replaced...

  • 0
  • 551

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