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Hire Top-Ranking College Students

Get instant access to pre-qualified interns and new grads

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See the best matches for your jobs and internships

TalentMatch scans years of coursework, projects, and experiences to serve up the top-ranked matches, helping you avoid a flood of unqualified applicants.

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User named Brittany who matches criteria from one of your jobs User named Chelsea who matches criteria from one of your jobs User named Lucas who matches criteria from one of your jobs
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Instantly engage with talent

Speed up your recruiting process by inviting qualified matches to apply immediately. Or, generate interest in your company months (or even years) ahead of hiring.

Hire candidates with the best portfolios

Select candidates with the mix of knowledge, skills and attitudes required to thrive at your company by digging deep beneath the resume into their digital portfolios.

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Exclusive Partnerships with Top School Systems

"The California State University is excited about it's partnership with Portfolium, which represents another tool to help our students be successful while attending the University, as well as help them find jobs after they graduate."

Loren Blanchard
Loren Blanchard Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs The California State University
150+ Colleges & universities
4M+ Students & recent grads
Derek McDougall

"There is now no good reason to ‘post and pray’ for the right candidates to apply. With TalentMatch, I focus ONLY on matching candidates, cut my hiring time in half, and retain talent that fits more naturally and productively with my team. After using TalentMatch, there is no turning back."

Derek McDougall, Divisional Vice President AXA Advisors

Your future leaders are just a few clicks away.

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