About Us

Portfolium brings our very best to light, showcasing our talent, skills and passion.

What is Portfolium?

Portfolium is the Career Readiness network, connecting students from 2,000+ universities with opportunities to discover, develop and prove their skills to employers. Leading colleges and universities select Portfolium's e-portfolio platform to set their students apart by showcasing digital work samples and clickable credentials that can't be captured in a traditional resume. Top employers partner with Portfolium to connect digitally with students and to drive more effective campus recruiting efforts by matching job opportunities with candidates' proven competencies.

Our Mission

Portfolium's mission is to narrow the trillion dollar workforce skills gap by empowering colleges and universities to become full-stack providers of career readiness. Launched in 2014 by Aerospace Engineer, Adam Markowitz, Portfolium grew from a simple need to showcase his proof-of-skills beyond listing college courses and GPA on his resume. Portfolium is now enabling a holistic “See it, Do it, Prove It” approach for students to determine, acquire, and demonstrate must-have competencies to employers with fast-evolving skills requirements.

How's it different?

Proven Competency Marketplace:
85 years of research confirms that work samples are the strongest individual predictor of new hire performance, with number of years of job experience and number of years of education near the bottom of the list. Portfolium uses real samples of a student's work and experiences to prove their competencies and potential fit.

The Network Effect:
Portfolium is a network for students and alumni to collaborate on projects, ideas and opportunities, rather than a static repository to store their work. Connections, likes, comments and messages make Portfolium a hub of activity and engagement. This is why Portfolium is the leading platform in its space for engagement and adoption metrics.

It's Free, Forever:
Portfolium remains free for students even after they graduate. There are no hidden fees, up-sells, storage or access limits of any kind.

It's Easy & Fun:
Creating and managing a digital portfolio shouldn't be a chore or task. It should actually be fun, and easy to do. Portfolium has been unanimously chosen in a number of benchmark studies to be the most enjoyable and simplest tool for creating and managing an online portfolio.

It's Working

Since the initial launch of Portfolium in 2014, it's been incredibly rewarding to continuously receive positive feedback from our users, customers, and partners.


I owe Portfolium for everything. My GPA would've disqualified me from my dream job at Northrop Grumman, but my Portfolium helped me prove GPA isn't everything.
Nicholas Montoya

Nicholas Montoya

Mech Engineering, UC San Diego

Portfolium is perfect for students like myself who have so much more to offer than just a resume. My Portfolium shows that I am more than just my summer job, it proves that I'm a real person with unique experiences and skills to offer.
Lydia Chim

Lydia Chim

Poly Sci, Brown University

Without Portfolium, I feel like I'd have nothing to show employers that makes me really stand out. Thank you so much for this free resource!
Kirsten Van Langenhoven

Kirsten Van Langenhoven

Cognitive Science, UC San Diego


If I can see the work and projects a student has completed in their Portfolium, it gives me such a more well-rounded view of them.
Greg Haller

Greg Haller

President, Verizon Wireless West Area

As companies sort through the many graduating students, there is an undeniable edge in using an on-line academic portfolio such as Portfolium.
Helen MacKinnon

Helen MacKinnon

President, Technical Connections

I hire people, not resumes. Portfolium allows me to see so much more than a resume ever could.
Mark Bowles

Mark Bowles

Founder, EcoATM

The Story

The idea began when Adam Markowitz graduated from UC San Diego in 2008 with a BS in Engineering. Adam spent the previous 4 years studying, doing homework and labs, writing papers, working on challenging team projects, working a part-time job, volunteering with his fraternity, and socializing with good friends. As he began interviewing for jobs, he realized employers were searching for him online and were only finding the last item on that list - socializing with friends.

Adam wanted his online identity to better reflect his real identity. He also wanted a way to stand out in the competitive job market, so he made a portfolio to showcase all of the academic and professional work he had accomplished in college, which included photos and work samples. He brought this portfolio into his next job interview and it did everything he hoped it would, and more! After a lively, fun and efficient interview, he landed his dream job working as an engineer on the Space Shuttle Program!

Adam wanted to help every student across every major do the same, so his next launch after the Space Shuttle was the launch of Portfolium!

Adam Markowitz at KSC Adam Markowitz working on the Space Shuttle Program