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Connecting learning with opportunity

Portfolium partners with colleges and universities to help students connect learning with opportunity. Our ePortfolio network helps millions of students from over 2,500 academic institutions prove their skills and launch their careers, while providing educators and employers with the tools they need to assess learning outcomes and recruit talent.

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Who we are

We're a mission-driven technology company based in beautiful downtown San Diego, California. We passionately deliver products and services connected to our one-of-a-kind ePortfolio network to empower and connect three key stakeholders: students, educators, and employers. Our team is made up of higher education professionals and faculty, recruitment technology experts, social networking pioneers, recent college graduates, and a former rocket scientist. At our core, we believe in the value of higher education, and we build products dedicated to demonstrating that value.


Our vision

We envision a world where lifelong learning is linked to lifelong opportunity. The first step to narrowing the entry-level skills gap is empowering educators to quantify and demonstrate the skills that their students are graduating with today. The second step is matching those demonstrated skills to employers' open jobs. The third (and crucial) step is to make the connection between all three. Portfolium is making this vision a reality today!

Portfolium was founded on the promise of helping students and graduates bring their stories to life and shine a light on their individuality and potential. The word "Portfolium" is a combination of "portfolio" and "podium", symbolizing the user taking center stage under the spotlight.

How we're different

The Network Effect:

Portfolium is a network rather than a static repository to store work samples. Native social features like connections, likes, comments, and messages make Portfolium a hub of activity and continuous engagement. This is why Portfolium is the leading platform in its space for engagement and adoption metrics.

It's Free, Forever:

Portfolium remains free for students even after they graduate. There are no hidden fees, up-sells, storage, or access limits of any kind.

It's Easy & Fun:

Creating and managing a digital portfolio shouldn't be a chore or task. It should actually be fun, and easy to do. Portfolium has been unanimously chosen in a number of benchmark studies to be the most enjoyable and simplest tool for creating and managing an online portfolio.

How it started

The idea began when Adam Markowitz graduated from UC San Diego in 2008 with a BS in Engineering. Adam spent the previous 4 years studying, doing homework and labs, writing papers, working on challenging team projects, volunteering with his fraternity, and working a part-time job. As he began interviewing for jobs, he realized all of this experience was being reduced down to a few bullet points and a GPA - and that's all that employers and applicant tracking systems (ATS) were using to gauge his potential.

Adam wanted employers to better understand his passion and abilities, so he made a portfolio to showcase all of the academic and extracurricular work he had accomplished in college, which included photos of various engineering clubs and projects. He brought this portfolio into job interviews and landed his dream job working as an aerospace engineer on NASA's Space Shuttle Program! Hiring managers said his portfolio proved his skills, how passionate he was, and how great a fit he'd be at the company - making the decision easier and faster for them (light bulb moment!)

Adam wanted to help every student across every major do the same, so his next launch after the Space Shuttle Program was the launch of Portfolium.

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