All the features you need
Assessment without boundaries
Tools & Navigation
Role-based navigation
An uncluttered view of just the right information for each admin and faculty user
Single screen scoring
It’s a breeze to view student artifacts and grade them on the same screen
Submission notifications & digest
Get notified as soon as students have submitted their work
Assignment versioning
Capture a snapshot of every change made to an assignment
Reporting & Dashboards
Course-level reporting
Easily report on learning outcomes linked to specific courses and sections
Department-level reporting
1-click aggregation of data across courses, majors, and campuses
Reporting on rubrics
Report on competencies linked to custom rubric criteria
Reporting on outcomes
Report on attainment against your library of learning outcomes
Data Sync & Authentication
Navigate seamlessly between your institution’s systems and Portfolium
LMS course & assignment sync
Courses, assignments, and students are automatically synced between your LMS and Portfolium
LMS grade sync
Assignment grades in Portfolium are sent back to your LMS, instantly
Student portfolio sync
Students take their assessed work with them and maintain it in free, lifelong portfolios
Admin & Settings
Course & assignment management
Create (or sync from your LMS), and edit courses and assignments
Rubric building & management
Create, edit and share a library of custom rubrics
Learning outcome management
Build a library of learning outcomes that map to all of your programs and initiatives
Multiple assessors
Invite multiple faculty and staff to assess work
Campuswide Career Readiness
Assessment to Skills Translation
Link job-relevant skills to course assignments
Career Suggestion Engine
Help students reflect on skills and find matching career paths
Evidence-Based Ranking
Weight students' Portfolium profiles based on evidence of skills
TalentMatch for Recruiters
Help employers match classroom skills to job requirements