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ePortfolios for Accreditation

Demonstrating life-long learning, skills, and development over time

Portfolium Accreditation

Portfolium is a robust and beautifully designed platform to help document and organize a university's culture, objectives, and standards. It can foster a depth and breadth of connections among other institutions as well as within the institution itself, its programs, and its constituents, while providing an efficient means to reinforce shared visions and commitments to its mission. As university ePortfolio users begin to develop their profiles, collaboration and activities occur that bridge gaps between outcomes and strategic decision-making.

Portfolium can provide your institution or program with a system to document, track, manage, and display resources for accreditation purposes for current/past students and alumni. Begin documenting your campus outcomes with archiving that will enable your institution to:

  • Showcases student work
  • Supports faculty through innovation
  • Measures academic effectiveness & SLOs
  • Documents evidence of learning & the true value of a degree
  • Documents evidence of learning & the true value of a degree
  • Full LMS integration
  • Customizeable rubrics & skills matrices
  • Enhances in-class assessments & engagement

The institution ePortfolio is endorsed by the Higher Learning Commission/AQIP as a valid vehicle to display an institution's accreditation materials. Universities across the nation are using Portfolium to build out their cases for various accrediting bodies such as: AQIP/HLC, SACS, and specialized program accreditation agencies. Currently, universities are making the connection with displaying student learning strategies and outcomes, while providing an avenue for documentation relating to assessment, and institutional effectiveness.

Bridget Bagett

Morehouse College Bridget Bagett avatar

The addition of Portfolium to HBCU career initiatives is a step in the right direction toward bridging the gap between students, their big picture goals, and the employers that can catapult them forward.

Dr. Timothy Renick

Georgia State University logo Dr. Timothy Renick avatar

We’re employing analytics to link students to careers that match their individual abilities and Portfolium as a platform for students to document their career readiness at scale.

Samuel Sudhaka

Cal State - San Bernandino logo Samuel Sudhaka avatar

Portfolium is LinkedIn on steroids, with way more functionality.

Patricia Rose

University of Pennsylvania logo Patricia Rose avatar

What's clear is that it’s a brand new world for job seekers and those who would look to hire them. Portfolium is one of the technologies we’re very pleased to include in our offerings.

Dr. Barbara LoMonaco

Salve Regina University logo Dr. Barbara LoMonaco avatar

Portfolium is the ePortfolio platform that resonates with the needs of higher education in a post-2008 world.

Dr. Tim Rhodus

Ohio State University logo Dr. Tim Rhodus avatar

Not only is Portfolium’s ePortfolio platform a multimedia communication tool, but it also has the built-in flexibility required to meet the various needs of our student population.

Jeffrey D. Armstrong

Cal Poly logo Jeffrey D. Armstrong avatar

Proud to say that Cal Poly has launched one of the largest career resources to date, Portfolium!

Andrea Taylor

San Francisco State University logo Andrea Taylor avatar

Portfolium will be our one unifying tool embedded into the DNA and culture of our university. There will be a true ‘stickiness factor’ as the tool will be utilized by faculty and students within the classroom, by career services, alumni relations and student affairs.

Armin Afsahi

University of Denver logo Armin Afsahi avatar

Portfolium provides features to showcase the incredible amount of skills students acquire. It brings their one-dimensional transcript to life by incorporating videos, photos and work samples in a beautifully organized portfolio.

John Makevich

College of the Canyons logo John Makevich avatar

An LMS used to be a nice to have, and now everyone has one. The same will happen with Portfolium.

Dr. Kelley Shaffer

Tarleton State University logo Dr. Kelley Shaffer avatar

Portfolium enables students to demonstrate skills in digital form, something that is increasingly critical in the modern age.

Neal Hoss

California State University - San Marcos logo Neal Hoss avatar

We are very pleased with the ease of implementation of Portfolium and their entire team’s responsiveness before, during, and after the launch.

An Integrated Faculty & Student Support Model

What is an ePortfolio Network?

Portfolios in higher education are not a new concept. Many universities have long been using portfolios to assess student work and review academic programs and curricula. In general terms, ePortfolios provide users with the digital tools to demonstrate their lifelong learning, skills, and development over time to selected audiences. Today, there is a growing need to migrate from paper-based portfolios to electronic portfolios as well as from legacy ePortfolio platforms to new ePortfolio networks.

These networks incorporate social and professional networking components that increase engagement, adoption and enthusiasm. Rather than a singular experience where a user essentially accesses a repository and has very little incentive to return at a later date, these networks keep users engaged with built-in features such as galleries, sub-networks, skills portals, as well as the common messaging features such as commenting, liking, sharing, and private messaging. The result is an academic graph that contains a very large amount of data for the partner institution to utilize in a number of capacities, including accreditation, employer relations, career services, alumni engagement, and academic affairs.

Why Portfolium?

Portfolium addresses an emerging need for students to have a digital network in which they can easily collect, build, manage, and reflect upon a digital archive of their academic and co-curricular work and activities. Within the academic graph, Portfolium solves a number of needs and use-cases. Students from a number of partner universities are currently using their Portfolium profiles to showcase their achievements, receive feedback and assessment from faculty, peers, potential employers and graduate programs.

In addition, they are utilizing the network as a whole to connect with other students, collaborate, discover skills and competencies and bridge the skills gap that currently exists between academia and the professional workforce. Portfolium's partner universities are using the platform to collect student work and assessment data for accreditation and marketing purposes, prospective recruitment of future students, and augmenting employer relations and engagement.