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Published: November 30, 2012 5 36.3K
By: Adam Markowitz, University of Southern California
Category: Construction

With the help of some good friends, I designed and built a very physically challenging obstacle course in preparation for the American Ninja Warrior Competition. For three months, I built an obstacle course in my good friend's backyard to challenge myself and others in preparation for the American Ninja Warrior Competition on G4. There was quite a bit of planning and preparation involved and a LOT of labor to build the course. We joked that building the course was tougher than running through it!

The tryout was an amazing experience. We learned a lot and are that much more prepared for this coming year's tryout. We will see you in Venice and on G4!

My video submission to G4 is included in this entry.

I was honored to have my photo on the ANW homepage (right side under "Featured Competitors")!

Obstacles Built:

- Salmon Ladder (Pull ups where you take the bar with you to climb up the wall)
- Unstable Bridge (Two planks hanging from 14' - the second plank is only supported by two cables)
- Jumping Bars (Monkey bars spaced 5' apart)
- Warped Wall (14')
- Hanging rope curtain
- Pogo Board
- Ultimate Cliffhanger


  • Corey Benschop
  • Neal Bloom


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