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Measuring Communication Competencies
Fullterton, CA
College of Communications
800 Students
Our Department of Communications is launching a mandatory portfolio initiative as a graduation requirement for our 800 graduating seniors across all majors. Portfolium Assessment will be tailored to fit within our course and assignment structure, and Portfolium-linked assignments will be noted in each of our course syllabi. To meet an accreditation requirement, we saw Portfolium as the ideal platform to assess 7 specific learning outcomes related to digital literacy.
Portfolium provided an extremely efficient and economical platform for managing our digital skills course by allowing us to document and report on the digital competencies students were already learning throughout their academic journey.
Doug Swanson
(Interim) Associate Dean, College of Communications
Nursing Program Accreditation
Philadelphia, PA
Jefferson College of Nursing
40 Students (Online PhD Program)
Other assessment systems can be clunky when it comes to providing direct access to portfolio artifacts. In the past, we’ve had to provide accreditors deep links inside of our learning management system, and if they weren’t a previous user, they might have trouble navigating the complex LMS interface and struggle to see our students’ best work.
Since navigating Portfolium is as intuitive as navigating a consumer Internet or social networking site, we have now removed excess friction for accreditors.
Jennifer Bello
Associate Professor, Director of Doctor of Nursing Program
Linking Assessment to Career Opportunity
Stephenville, TX
12,000 Students
Portfolium checked every box: Ease of use and implementation, portability for students after graduation, cost effectiveness, and the modern look and feel. Portfolium’s ability to connect students with employers aligned with our administration’s vision of ePortfolios.
Why not extend the value of assessment beyond accreditation? Why not provide value back to students by helping them cash in their assessed work for jobs and internships?
Justin Carrell
Technology Support Specialist